How We Can Stop the Google Tracking!

Usually, users feel that what they are looking for on smartphones and wave is not known to anyone, but Google knows everything. Google also has information about which app you used in your smartphone for how long. If you want to control the data recorded by Google, then there are some ways related to it. Learn how you can break Google tracking.

Google keeps track of activities to users through its various services like Gmail, Chrome, Calendar, YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps etc. According to your activities on the Internet, you create a profile of who you are, what you like, what you buy and watch online. Where to go, which restaurant to eat, etc. Google unified privacy Due to the policy, you can track all services. It can even scan your email if you want. The company says that it uses these information for your personal experience.

Recently another report has come in The Information. According to this, under the Google Inside program, you can gather information related to different apps in your phone. Google can find out how many times an app has been opened or used for how long. Not only this, Google can also monitor apps present in smartphones. Although the company says that this information is not given to the clients, but the data you have on Google. If you are worried about it, then you can try these measures.

On the web: If Google is to stop tracking, you can start it from the web. For this one should go to the Google Activity Controls page ( page. Then you have to sign in with Google or Gmail account. The data that Google collects from you is divided into six parts here. Web and App Apt Pity: After the page is open, in the top two sections you get the option of ‘Web and App Activity’ and ‘Location History’.

To control Google tracking, it is most important to control web and app activity. Here you enter all those activities which you search after signing on Chrome or Gmail. If you do not want all this, then you have to click on the ‘Manage Activity’ link here, which you will find inside the Web and App Activity. Here all the web pages that you have visited so far.

Apart from this, web search and those apps which you have opened on your Android phone. Here you will see so much data related to your activity that you will also be surprised once. To control them, the option of ‘Filter by Date and Product’ will appear at the top. After clicking on it, the option of all the services of Google from Google Assistant to Google Play Store will be visible, which can be filtered according to the date.

After this, you can delete the matching entries by clicking on the trace icon. There is also an option to delete individual entries from the record by going to the three dot menu. If you want to delete everything, then ‘delete activity by’ has to be selected. For this, after selecting ‘All Time’ in ‘Date Range’, you can select ‘All Product’.

Through the Web and App Activity category, you can delete all the data that Google has recorded. You have to do it manually. However, now Google has added another new option ‘Auto delete’. For this, you have to click on ‘Auto-delete (off)’ option at the bottom of the My Activity page. Here you will get two options – ‘Auto Delete Activity Older by 3 Month’ and ‘Auto Delete Activity Olderdeen 18 Month’.

You can choose one of the two options. With this help, all the records behind it can be deleted. Then you have to tap on the next button, where you will get a confirmed option for permanent change. You also have to keep in mind that after this process, the personalized experience on Google will be reduced.

Location History: Google keeps complete information about when and where you went. If you feel that the location history gets deleted automatically, then there is an option for this as well. Google currently offers two options to delete location history.

It has the facility to delete all data after keeping 3 months of history and another 18 months of history. Most of the data is collected from mobile phones. There is also an option to auto delete and manage activity. In Auto Delete, you can choose the option of 3 months and 18 months, while clicking on Manage Activity, you can edit or delete the data stored on Google. You will see it on the recorded data maps. It will appear in small red dots which places you have visited. Here the range of dates will be seen on the left side in the timeline.

At the bottom right corner there will be a trace option, with the help of which you can delete the recorded data by Google. There is a complete location history here. In this, you have to select how long to delete the location history.

Audio and YouTube: Google keeps a record of what you search on Google or YouTube through Google Assistant or Voice Search. Although this recording is done for better user experience, but if you think that voice recording can be misused, you can delete it.

For this also you have to go to My Activity page. Here, after clicking on Filter Boy Date & Product, you have to select Voice and Audio and tap on the Apply button. You will see a list of voice search. You can delete it one by one. In addition, the ‘Delete Activity by’ button will be found in the side menu. By clicking on it, you can select those activities according to the time,

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