How to Fix Phone Hang Problem!

When you buy a new Android smartphone, initially the phone runs very smoothly, but over time the phone hang and lags. Even apps take a long time to load. There are some simple tricks so that you can make the phone fast again …

Uninstall unnecessary Apps: When the phone is new, it has limited apps, but gradually download new apps, but after some time you realize that these apps are not useful. Such apps remain idle on the phone. But these apps are wasting the phone’s space. First, uninstall such apps. Navigate to the Settings menu on your phone and open the app with the option. Now scroll down the list and check the apps you no longer need.
• Tap Apps and then click Uninstall. If you think those apps may be needed in the future, then some apps can be disabled.

Delete cache data: Another reason for phone hang is cache. If the cache files are not deleted over time, it becomes heavy on the in-built memory of the device. So keep cleaning it from time to time, so that the speed and performance of the phone can be maintained. You can select different apps from the app manager to delete cache data. For this, you have to go to the Settings menu (Settings Storage »Cache). Once you open the Settings menu, scroll down, and click on the application option. Then tap on the app list and select the app whose cache you want to delete or clear. For this, click on the storage option and tap on cache data and make OK.

Disable Animation: Different launchers offer different animations and special effects. Due to these effects, the user interface of the device starts to look beautiful, but because of this, the phone slows down. If the phone starts slowing down, then it would be better to disable these unnecessary animations. But for this, you have to enable the developer option first. After going to the Settings menu, go to ‘About Phone’. Then scroll down and check the build number, which you will find below. Now you have to tap on it several times.

After this, a message will pop up and tell you that you are the developer now. Go back to the Settings menu. The developer option will appear there. After clicking on it, see the Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animation Duration Scale. Then tap on each option. Here, either turn it to .5 or turn it off. Turn off background s To close it, open the Recent tabs. Here you can close the swipe apps or remove them altogether and remove them. This stops the apps running in the background and the performance of the phone will also get better.

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