How to Edit PDF File in Easy Ways!

Share information through PDF (Portable Document Format) files is easy to do, but if something is wrong in these files or you want to add something, then it becomes difficult. You can take help of free tools to edit PDF file.

How to edit PDF files:

If you do not want to download any software to edit PDF file, then you can take help of site. To edit a PDF here, it has to be uploaded first. Then after a few seconds of processing, the file will be available for editing.

On the left hand side panel, you will find many editing related tools, which will make it easy to add text with PDF files. In addition, an empty white box will be found here. With this help you can hide things on PDF file. You can also add comments with PDF files here.

Once the editing process is complete, then click on the ‘Save and Download’ button. You can also save the file locally on the device.

Edit on Offline Mode:

When the setup file is downloaded, install it on the system and then open it. Click on open files here and select the PDF file you want to edit. Here, you will be able to easily edit PDF files. If the font used in PDF is also in your system, then it will be easier for you to edit the text.

When the editing process of the PDF files is complete, then after selecting the file, select ‘Export as PDF’. The same method also works with scanned PDF files.

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