Backup your phone’s data in easy ways!

If the phone crashes, gets lost or damaged, it is not only financial but the necessary data in the phone is also lost. To avoid this, users often keep cloud backup active on the phone, so that the old data is found the next time you log in to the account.

This method is good, but you also have to understand that you cannot backup everything to the cloud. So, it is very important that you keep making backup of the phone regularly.

IPhone Backup: The process of backup in Apple iPhone is easy. Here you can choose iCloud or your computer for backup.


If you select iCloud for backup, after going to device settings, you have to tap on your name and go to iCloud. Tap on iCloud for backup. Then click on backup and wait until this process completes. It is necessary to keep the device connected to Wi-Fi for backup.

By the way, you can also backup from mobile data, but the process of backup with Wi-Fi is much faster and easier. Once the backup process is complete, you can go to the backup to see the date and time of the last backup. After this, iOS data backup will be done on iCloud regularly.

Backup on iCloud is more convenient for iPhone users, but in case of more than 5 GB of data, then you have to pay for extra storage. Access to third party apps on the iPhone is very limited. So here you do not get alternative options for cloud and local backup.

Recently Google has announced Google One for IOS. It is a storage service and already exists on Android, but now Google says that soon it will be released for iOS. With this, the user will get the facility of automatic phone backup.

Data backup on computer:

If you want to backup the device on computer, then it has to be connected to the device. For systems with MacOS Catalina 10.15, Finder has to be open, while for systems with MacOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, iTunes has to be opened. Devices can make passcode backups after connecting to the system. It has to be tapped on Google.

After that ask about that Gmail id or ‘Trust this computer’, then some steps related to it will appear on the screen, which you have to follow. Next, find your device on the computer. If the device is not visible, keep the device screen unlocked.

Then check whether the Mac and Windows PC has the latest version. If using iTunes, it is necessary to have the latest version. you see the ‘Trust this computer’ device alert, you have to unlock the device and tap on ‘Trust’. The device is showing in the computer, then click Backup Now. When the backup process completes, you will see messages related to it.

Android devices:

There is a lot of third-party apps for backup data on Android devices, But it is better to backup the device with Google.

Backup of Android phone:

For Android device to be encrypted on Google Drive, go to ‘Account & Sync’ under Settings. Here you have to select ‘Auto Sync Data’ inside the account by ticking. So that you have signed in to the phone have done.

Here all options have to be turned on to sync Google related information with cloud. This includes contacts, photos, app data, calendar events, Chrome tab, Google Fit data, etc.

Go to ‘Backup & Reset’ after going to Settings. Tap on ‘Backup My Data’ here. With this, Wi-Fi passwords along with Ape data and phone settings will also be saved on Google account. This pixel is for the device.

Steps of Settings System> Advanced> Backup> Back up to Google Drive on other stock Android devices have to be followed.

In some devices this Settings may also be slightly different. There is up to 15 GB data store is available on Google Drive ( Includes Gmail, Google Photos, Drive data).

It’s also includes apps and app data, call history, phone settings and SMS text (not MMS messages), Photos and videos can be backed up through Google Photos.

Backup on computer:

Backup Android device to computer, the device has to be connected to the computer via USB cable. If you want to backup on a Mac device, then you have to download ‘Android File Transfer App’ for backup here.

On Windows PC, open ‘My Computer’, while Finder for Mac has to be opened. Here you will see many folders related to photos, videos, music, documents, etc. You can take backup in PC through copy-paste. With this, you can also copy the data on the SD card here.

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